Sunday, 3 June 2007


An internet campaign to eradicate the CAPS LOCK key from computer keyboards seems to be gathering some momentum, and whilst I'd agree with much of the rationĂ¡le and sympathise with the endless vitriol on the subject, I do still feel that the small minority group to which I belong - computer systems administrators - rely heavily on this key, and would miss it's departure.

During the course of my work I regularly need to type passwords and serial numbers, many of which happen to be a combination of digits and upper case letters. Product keys and license codes, entered during software installation, are also usually entered in capitals, and having the caps lock key makes the whole process that little bit easier. That, and the fact that over the past few years I've somehow begun to memorise many of the 25-digit product keys which Microsoft use.

Perhaps a better solution is a software one, where each computer user can turn this key on and off as needed in the Windows control panel.

A USB or BlueTooth foot pedal for operating the shift key, or for scrolling through documents and web pages would be even better.

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