Thursday, 3 January 2008

How Do I Contact Thee? Let Me Count The Ways..

As 2008 dawns and I look to send new year greetings to my friends, it struck me that the range of options for communicating a short message have never been so wide and varied. For example, I could:
  • Send a letter, card or postcard through the mail
  • Phone the person's land line, or mobile..
  • ..and leave a voice mail message if they're unable to take the call
  • Send a fax
  • Send a text message to a mobile or land line
  • Send an email
  • Send an instant message or voice message using one of the many IM clients
  • ..or hold a voice conversation over IM
  • ..or a video conference over IM
  • ..or send a nudge or a wink
  • Use a Social Networking website to send an email
  • ..or write on someone's wall
  • Start a discussion group, using Google Groups or Yahoo Groups (many others also exist)
  • Post a new blog entry
  • Put a personal message in the newspaper
  • Send a greeting through the local radio
  • Delegate the task of contacting everyone to a personal outsourcing client, who will greet everyone on my behalf

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