Friday, 26 June 2009

A Day In The Life: Thursday 25th June 2009

Ferris Bueller famously said "Life moves pretty fast. You don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. " With this in mind I've tried to capture something of my daily routine - particularly with a birthday just passed - to preserve for the future..

Thursday 25th June 2009


Not an early start, which is typical for a Thursday. Blame the night out yesterday with the girls who row the gig boat "Golden Eagle". I'm their cox'n, and after coming 5th in the triangle race - we were hoping for 3rd - it seemed appropriate to drown a few sorrows in our local pub The Atlantic Inn. A few post-race bottles of beer on Porthmellon beach beforehand was soothing, and one never tires of watching the sun setting behind the island of Samson.


Off to work at the Five Islands School (ICT and Electronic Services Manager). 4-minute walk. Wander past the harbour. Blue skies and sunshine, Northerly breeze.


School e-mail system non-functional. Re-boot the server. Fixed. Will plough through the event logs later to determine a reason for failure, meanwhile digital life can proceed as normal.


Teach a class of 25 9/10-year-olds the fundamentals of digital movie making. Quick presentation followed by group filming & editing session. Success! After an hour we've got a short movie.


Meet with project manager to discuss ICT facilities needed in the new school we're planning to build. Make an ambitious wishlist with a £500K price tag.


Am a guest on the book show on local radio station Radio Scilly. Talk about Fooled By Randomness by Nassim Nicholass Taleb. Give a positive review and try to emphasise the humanitarian aspects whilst diminishing the focus on maths and jargon.


Internet feed into school stops working, disconnecting around 250 people. Not a good day for technology. Catch a taxi up to the TV transmitter mast on St Mary's to reset a box of electronics in the equipment room. Success! No taxis available for return journey - all collecting holidaymakers newly arrived on helicopter - so walk back into town (20 mins).


School fete. Have volunteered to go in the stocks for half an hour, to be pelted with wet sponges by the kids, all to raise money for the school's charity. Very refreshing after a long walk in the hot sun!


Cook dinner for some friends: chicken wrapped in bacon and cheese with vegetable rice and Mediterranean vegetables.


Go with friends to watch a performance by the local theatre club of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. Superbly acted and thoroughly enjoyable; on the edge of my seat the whole time. The club have won regional awards for other plays in the past.


House party back at the flat. Pancakes and post-theatre drinks with two of the actors. Plenty of impromptu performances of key scenes in the play.


Bed. Exhausted. Will clear up in the morning. Maybe.

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Ian Nelson said...

What a great lifestyle you have!