Monday, 31 May 2010

5 first impressions of Apple's iPad

1: wow, it's heavy. This is a device designed to be rested on a knee, table or work-surface, not held.
2: the on-screen keyboard is good. I can type almost as fast as with a physical keyboard. the undo/redo key is a welcome addition.
3: the home screen rotates for landscape view :) sounds trivial but I anticipate using the iPad in landscape most of the time
4: all web sites look fantastic. This is truly the best web browsing experience, and the pinch/zoom accessibility features would make it particularly well-suited to older/younger people.
5: iPad-specific apps look v grown up compared to their iPhone counterparts. Evernote, in particular, is brilliantly re-engineered to use the extra screen space, and I'll be bringing this (discreetly) into every meeting from now on. 

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