Monday, 5 July 2010

How to add Delicious bookmarklets to Safari on iPad

If you miss not having the browser toolbar bookmarklets since moving from a desktop browser to an iPad, then here's how to get them back.

Step one: Create a new bookmark on the bookmarks bar

Visit any page..

..then bookmark it:

Rename the bookmark to "Tag" (for example) and store this bookmark in the Bookmarks Bar.

Step Two: Grab the source code

Safari's security prevents the Javascript code from being copied directly from the bookmarklets help page on Delicious.

Instead, visit a website which displays a page's source code (search for "view source"). Dan Winchester's View Source does this. Enter the URL of the Delicious help page which contains the Javascript code:

When the source code is displayed, scroll down to the bottom third of the page and look for the "Safari" heading. Look to the right for the word "javascript". Select this, and all the code to the right, until you reach the final quote (don't select the quote). Copy this selection. If you're not sure of this step I've included the code at the end of this post.

Step Three: edit the bookmark

Open the bookmarks in Safari, open the Bookmarks Bar then tap "edit" and choose the "Tag" bookmark. Clear the web site address and paste in the Javascript code, then save.

You're done! If you mess up, just delete the bookmarklet and begin again.

Reference: Javascript source code


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