Saturday, 7 January 2012

Most Uninspiring Film Of 2011: Archipelago

Archipelago: my most uninspiring movie of 2011, which is a shame because it's the one film I looked forward to seeing and most wanted to like. I live where Archipelago was filmed, and ultimately thought "what a wasted opportunity".

The Scillies are a unique part of the British Isles, and a film made here should leverage the location in some way to drive the plot, give a sense of place, or set a mood. Archipelago did none of these things, and could have been filmed at any other coastal or rural setting without changing the feel.

I could forgive this if the plot or the performances could have lifted the story. After all, a film must made somewhere. However, the experience felt like a dreary trudge along a muddy path with aching feet in bad weather, rather than a walk on the hills on a bright, breezy sunny day. Not the worst film I've seen, but many better examples exist of this type.

See some of my photos of the Isles of Scilly, or browse Flickr (Scilly), Google Image Search (Isles of Scilly), or YouTube (Isles of Scilly).

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